Bat a Bing : My one handed baseball hitting exercise

I have created a unique one handed baseball batting exercise. I have added this exercise to my Frisee that much training methods. This exercise builds hand and eye coordination, timing and strength, power. The bat that I use for this exercise is the Brooklyn Slammer bat made by Cold Steel.

This bat is hefty. It weighs around 1.9 pounds and it is around 19 inches in length. It's made out of polyproplyene. 

I had based this exercise in part, to a video I had seen. The video shows Alyssa Derrick hitting a baseball via a self thrown move. Here's the video. 

Here's a link to a post from my Frisee that much blog. It provides more info on Bat a Bing and it has links to 2 of my Youtube videos on Bat a Bing. I will also provide the links below. 

Bat a bing Google Gemini advice.pdf